How to ensure your teenager’s travel safety?

It is not always an easy decision for parents to agree to let your children travel alone. No matter how much you trust your children and how confident you are in them, it is still a nerve-racking experience to let them travel alone and protect them without you. Even if you travel together, you probably won’t stay together all the time. Once you separate from your children, you will always want to find their location clearly. Here are some suggestions for teenagers’ travel safety, which will help you feel at ease and ensure their safety:

Keep in touch and communicate


Make sure your child has a reliable way to contact you at all times. They should carry their cell phone and chargers with them so that they are always fully charged and ready to use. Make a plan for them to call and check in at the set time every day. In some places, mobile phones can be out of range, so they can’t make calls. In this case, tell your children to send you an email to tell you quickly that they are all right. If you travel together but are separated for several hours, you must agree on a place and time for meeting, and you can come back together later.


Tell them what to do and what not to do


Like all children, the last thing you want to do is teach them a lesson- but this is a good occasion, and they will appreciate it after many years. Find time to talk about their plans, safety precautions and other things that bother you or may make them wrong before they travel. It’s a good idea to study the travel scams in the areas they are visiting, so that they can revisit them and successfully avoid them. It’s also a good idea to remind them of basic knowledge- for example, only use registered taxis. When you are an excited teenager, things like this will disappear from your mind- so take time to remind them. This should also include laws such as drinking and smoking. Make sure your children know what is illegal in this new country.


Talk to your children


There is a saying that knowledge is power, and you can arm your children with knowledge before they go on a trip. Take the time to study the destination together. Before visiting, learn as much as possible about a place and make sure your children know where to go in case of emergency. This includes knowing the name and address of their hotel, the contact information of any guardians who may be on the road, and the name and mobile phone number of everyone they travel with. It is also important to talk to your children about the potential dangers they may face when traveling. You don’t want to scare them, but be realistic. Explain to them how to avoid targets that look like thieves and other criminals.


Use Family Locator


Because your child will carry their cell phone with them, you you can see her exact location at any time through Family Locator. Make sure that you have installed it on their cell phones before they leave for a trip. It will reassure you that you can check their position at any time. Your children can feel safe because you know that you can find out where they are quickly and easily.

If your children have an emergency when traveling alone, they will have a way to get help quickly. They can send you alerts quickly and easily through the Family Locator, so that you can react immediately. It can help children to be less anxious when they are in crowded places or away from safe and comfortable homes. Parents can feel at ease and know that their children can get help with the push of a button.




Your children can travel safely with or without your supervision. Create a communication plan so that both of you can feel at ease and use the Family Locator to locate their position at any time. By reviewing these safety tips with your children, you can be confident that they will have a safe and smooth trip.