Is it possible to locate a cell phone without SIM cards?

Nowadays, the phenomenon of mobile phone theft is becoming more and more serious. When a thief steals a mobile phone, they often takes out the SIM card at the first time, so that the owner of the mobile phone cannot find their mobile phone. However, is it possible to locate cell phone without SIM card?


Can I locate the cell phone without SIM card?


Can a smartphone be located without a SIM card? The answer is 100% yes. In the past, smart phones had to have SIM cards to work properly, because without SIM cards, smart phones would be useless. If you want to send text messages or call someone, you need a SIM card. The core of a mobile phone is a SIM card, because without it, you can’t connect to the Internet or other mobile phones. However, in today’s modernization, even without SIM card, you can locate the position of the lost mobile phone. Since your mobile phone is continuously connected to the Internet through the wireless network, it can send its position signal through the global positioning system. There are many applications and settings that need to be sent to your location. This means that you can locate your mobile position effortlessly without a SIM card. The only prerequisite is to access the Internet through Wi-Fi.


Use a third-party cell phone locator.


Here we recommend you to use Family Locator. As an excellent third-party phone tracking application, you can track lost or stolen phones even if the phones don’t have SIM cards. As long as your mobile phone downloads Family Locator, once you connect to the network, you can see the real-time location and historical track of your mobile phone on the map. It also has a unique nearby notification function. Once you are close to the location of your lost mobile phone, you will receive a notification and check the other party’s location. As a result, the success rate of retrieving your lost mobile phone will be greatly improved.

This also helps the police catch thieves, because the Family Locator will display the real-time location and historical location of mobile phones, and the police can find thieves through GPS positioning and bring them to justice.


Locate a cell phone without SIM card on Snapchat map.


Snapchat has a function of showing your location to friends. This is a social form, but if the mobile phone is lost, we can use this function to track the location of the mobile phone. You just need to open your browser and enter your credentials to track your phone.


Use IMEI number to locate a cell phone without SIM card.


IMEI stands for international mobile equipment identity. IMEI is a unique number used to identify devices on the mobile network. In case you lose your mobile phone, this 15-digit number will be very useful. Therefore, if you lose your SIM card, your IMEI can help you find your mobile phone.


Use “find my iPhone” to locate cell phones without SIM cards.


IOS devices have a built-in function. if your lost or stolen mobile phone is an iPhone, you can use “find my iPhone” to find and track your mobile phone. Some people can even control it remotely, and they can reset their phones in the factory through the “Find My iPhone” tracking service. This method eliminates the need for SIM card, because your mobile phone will use GPS technology to send its location over the Internet.


Final thoughts


If you believe that a smartphone can’t locate its position without a SIM card, then we can prove you wrong in this article. Because today’s technology has allowed us to track the location of mobile phones even without SIM cards. Some mobile phones’ own location tracking services or third-party location tracking applications can help you solve the problem if you lost mobile phones. If you want to locate the real-time position of your mobile phone, Family Locator will be your best choice.